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Sally McGill porcelain dish
Obscure Objects of Desire

Pure porcelain indulgence!

I can’t get enough of my favourite ceramicist artist in London, Sally McGill.  Her sense of aesthetics is pure indulgence to me.  I love her colour combinations of splashing a little orange onto porcelain plates mixed with fine black lines. Or turquoise circles on plates.   Her pieces are all handmade and beautifully crafted.  She recently moved to a new studio at Regent House,Thane Villas, London N7 7PH but catch her this week at the Three Day Designer-Maker Sale at Craft Central, 33-35 St Johns Square, London, EC1M 4DS running from 9th to the 11th August, opening hours from 12-6pm (Thursday till 8pm).

Sally McGill large ceramic plate with orange

Sally McGill’s large ceramic plate with three orange circles.

Sally McGill blue circle plate

Sally McGill plate with blue circles.


Orange vase handcrafted by Sally McGill.

Obscure Objects of Desire

Pots which grow with your plant

I love these expanding flower pots developed by Studio Ayaskan on show recently at the Cockpit Arts open studio in Holborn, London.   The expanding origami planters will grow with your plant by simply adding soil. No need to uproot your plant, get messy or your hands dirty.  Besides their practicality, they look stunning too!  They are not on sale yet, but register your interest by joining Studio Ayaskan’s mailing list.

A plant pot that grows with the plant by simply adding soil

A plant pot that grows with the plant by simply adding soil.